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bank statement loans. 

Being self-employed definitely has its perks. After all, who doesn’t want to write their own schedule, make more money and be their own boss? 

But we know nontraditional income poses huge limitations for securing traditional mortgage loans and if you want to buy or refinance a house you're often left with few choices.

Luckily there are new mortgage lending alternatives created exclusively for the self-employed - which is why we wrote this guide. 

Bank statement loans are ideal for self-employed professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and independent contractors — anyone who doesn’t have a full-time, salaried, or W-2 position or who earns income in a nontraditional manner.  

New bank statement loan programs don’t require tax returns and use bank statements instead to qualify.

In this guide, we’ll cover all aspects of these unique loan programs for the self-employed including:

The benefits of bank statement loans.


How bank statements are analyzed.


What's needed & how to qualify.


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