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We are proud to offer 100% financing when buying a home and Cash-out up to 100% LTV on a refinance.  Take advantage of our Fast Close, 30 day guarantee.

Buying a Home is Easier with a VA Loan

Our certified "Pre-Approved Homebuyer Certificate" lets you shop for a home with confidence.  Higher VA loan amounts over county limits. 

Why refinance with a VA Loan?

Payoff your high interest rate debts or get cash-out for any reason and end up with one low monthly payment. Finally start home improvements you have been putting off.

Benefits of buying an refinancing with a VA loan include:

  • Lower Rates than conventional loans.
  • 0 Points and NO closing cost options.
  • NO VA funding fee for veterans receiving disability benefits.
  • Refinance and skip up to 2 mortgage payments.
  • FICO scores as low as 560

    A VA home loan is exclusively available to active-duty servicepersons, reservists, veterans, and their surviving spouses. 
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Chris S.

Absolutely, positive experience with HomeLife Mortgage. I was turned down for a VA mortgage with another well-known lender, however, HomeLife delivered on my loan request. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the hard work put on my loan. Wonderful people there, you have my total support.

John M.

Corona, CA
We originally moved into our home back in 2008 when the market was almost bottom. Second owners of a brand new (2005) home and just waited for the right time to refinance and be able to take money out just to drop it right back into the home. Backyard, some light home upgrades and now, we have the home we built that has gotten many praises from many friends. Jayne, Patty and the staff their at Homelife were ALWAYS very friendly, professional and very prompt with assisting us in all of our refi's. This was a VA loan that was handled with expertise!!!