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Bank Statement

Designed for the Self-Employed

Bank statement mortgage buy with 10% down. Refinance up to 90% of home value. No MI. Jumbo loans to $5 Million. Rates starting low 3's.


Private Money Loans

Rental Property

No Income Doc
Rental Loan

Rental property loans buy or refinance to 80% of property value. Qualify with rental income cash-flow.  Rates starting in the low 4's

Jumbo Non-Prime Loans

Jumbo Non-Prime

Flexible Qualifying

 Buy or refinance to 90% of property value, with NO MI.  Loan amounts to $15M. Credit score as low as 660. Rates starting in the mid 3's.



The Ultimate Guide to Bank Statement Loans

Self-employed, buying or refinancing a home?

Nontraditional income poses huge limitations for securing traditional mortgage loans and if you want to buy or refinance a house you're often left with few choices.

Luckily there are new mortgage lending alternatives created exclusively for the self-employed - which is why we wrote this guide. Bank statement loans are ideal for self-employed professionals and in this guide you'll learn how to apply and qualify and our tips for success.  Download Now

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