Jumbo Bank Statement Loans

A Mortgage Built for The Self-employed

Bank Statement Loans for High Valued Properties

Jumbo Bank Statement Loans allow self-employed individuals an alternative way to qualify for a home loan. Rather than qualifying with conventional income documentation, eligibility is based on income deposits reflected in your bank statements, whether they are personal or business. Bank Statement Loans are exclusively for the self-employed professional, entrepreneur, freelancer, or independent contractor. They offer a convenient, hassle-free way to buy or refinance a home – particularly for those without a traditional income stream.

Jumbo Bank Statement Loan Benefits:

  • Unbeatable 30-year fixed bank statement loan rates
  • Interest only option: Choose a 40-year fixed term with a 10-year interest-only period.
  • Low Down Payment: Purchase a home with as little as 10% down.

  • Cash-Out Refinance: Access up to 85% of your property's value.
  • Loan Amounts: We offer loans ranging from $750,000 to $7 million.
  • Property Types: Eligible for single-family homes, condos, townhomes, and 2–4-unit properties.

Who is a Jumbo Bank Statement Loan for?

If you've faced rejection for a jumbo loan from a bank or credit union, there's still hope –
consider a Jumbo Bank Statement Loan if:


Your tax returns don't accurately represent your actual income.


You are self-employed or experience seasonal income variations.


Your debt-to-income ratio is higher than traditional lenders accept.


You require a loan amount exceeding the conventional limit of $726,200.


You don't meet the strict underwriting guidelines of traditional jumbo lenders.

Key Features

Alternative Income Verification

Rather than solely relying on tax returns, we assess your ability to repay based on the average monthly deposits shown in your 12- or 24-month business or personal bank statements.

Credit Score Requirement

While Jumbo Bank Statement Loans are designed for self-employed borrowers who may not qualify for traditional jumbo loans, a solid credit history is still essential. Typically, a credit score of at least 680 is required, with the best rates available for those with a credit score of 740 or higher.

Larger Loan Amounts

As these loans cater to higher-income self-employed individuals, you may qualify for a more substantial loan amount compared to traditional bank jumbo loans.

Competitive Interest Rates

Eligible applicants can access competitive Bank Statement Loan rates today, which are on par with traditional mortgage offerings.

No Mortgage Insurance (MI)

Our Jumbo Bank Statement Loans don't require mortgage insurance.

Occupancy Options

These loans are available for primary residences, second homes, and investment properties.

Your Dream Home Is Waiting


Tax Returns Don’t Reflect Your Actual Income?

The good news is you still have options. Jumbo Bank Statement Loans offer borrowers an easier application process and an alternative method to income qualify.

With these loans you get to:
  • Increase your chances of approval - Your approval will rest on the money you’re actually putting in the Bank each month – Not tax returns, profit and loss statements, and balance sheets.
  • Avoid tedious paperwork and documentation - Show your success with solid bank deposits, balances, and consistent incoming sales.
  • Let your achievements do the talking - Use your certifications, licenses, and experience to show you’re just as reliable as a 9-5 worker.

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Getting pre-approved for a Jumbo Bank Statement Mortgage is a smart move. It helps you anticipate the interest rate you can secure and establishes a suitable price range for your home search. Ready to take the first step? Reach out to HomeLife Mortgage today and explore our competitive bank statement loan rates. Unlock your mortgage potential now.

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