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Getting A Mortgage With HomeLife

HomeLife is here to make the dream of home buying your reality. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or experienced buyer, let our home loan experts help choose the right mortgage for you.

HomeLife provides the best selection of non-traditional home loans for borrowers who do not qualify for conventional financing.

Fresh new mortgage options for home buyers

HomeLife offers bank statement loans for self-employed and independent contractors, real estate investment property loans, and Jumbo non-prime home loans with alternative income qualifying solutions. 


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Turned down at a bank because your debt-to-income ratio is too high. If your income doesn’t qualify for a traditional mortgage HomeLife has a solution for you.

Banks and traditional lenders will only lend when your debt-to-income ratio is no more than 43%, this can be quite restrictive for many homebuyers. HomeLife offers high debt-to-income ratio loans that give more flexibility in qualifying. In addition, we can use alternative income documentation to allow you to qualify with such items as bank statements.  No Income documentation options for investment properties.
No Tax Return

Self-Employed? No Tax Returns needed to Qualify!

There are new rules in effect for self-employed mortgages. It’s now easier for entrepreneurs to get a home loan. Our NO Tax Return mortgage allow self-employed individuals to qualify with deposits made to either your personal or business bank statements. Whether you are commissioned-on 1099 income, independent contractor, shop owner, or own a corporation, we have a loan program for you.  Find out why  bank statement loans are the new self-employed mortgage.
Real Estate Investment Property Loans

Buying an investment property?

HomeLife offers No-income documentation investment property loans with commonsense lending solutions.  Qualify based on borrowers credit score, property loan-to-value, and rental income.

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