No Doc Rental Loans

A Flexible and Fast Way to Finance Investment Property

What Are No Doc Rental Loans?

No-Doc rental loans are a game-changer for investors, providing a convenient and flexible financing option that eliminates the need for extensive income documentation or rental income verification, the absence of a cash flow calculation requirement (No-DSCR) further streamlines the process. These loans are intricately crafted to simplify and enhance your investment journey, enabling you to seamlessly acquire or refinance rental properties without the cumbersome traditional financing requirements

Why Choose No-Doc Rental Loans?

Simplicity and Speed:

No-Doc Rental Loans stand out from other loan programs due to their simplicity and swift approval process. Here’s why they are the perfect choice:

  • Simple Qualifying: Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional loans. Our No-Doc Rental Loans offer a hassle-free way to qualify, thanks to their flexible terms and rapid loan processing.

  • Simple Loan Requirements: Less hassle, more convenience. These rental loans necessitate minimal documentation, ensuring a quicker and smoother loan process.


Fast Funding Times:

  • No tax returns, no income verification

  • No rental income or lease requirements

  • No rental income cash flow calculation (No-DSCR)

  • No reserves required

Close with confidence.

No Doc Rental Loan Features and Benefits

Our No-Doc Rental Loans are tailored to your success, offering the following features and benefits:

Purchase, Rate & Term Refinance, Cash-Out Refinance

Access up to an 80% loan-to-value ratio for flexibility in your investment strategies.

Loan Term

Choose between a 30-year fixed rate or an interest-only option for up to 10 years.

Bridge Loans

Ideal for short-term solutions, with interest-only payments for 12-24 months.

Loan Amounts

Available from $250,000 to $5 Million, providing financial support for various investment opportunities.

Property Types

Our loans cover single-family homes, condos, townhomes, and 2–4-unit properties.

Minimum Credit Score

A credit score of 680 opens doors to these attractive loan options.

Flexible Title

Purchase or refinance properties under an LLC, corporation, or your individual name.

Short – Term Rentals Welcome

Explore opportunities in the fast-growing short-term rental market.

What about Interest Rates?

Interest rates on these rental loans depend on several factors, including the type of transaction (purchase vs. refinance), the down payment percentage on purchases and loan-to-value ratio on refinances, and your credit score.

Let's Run the Numbers.

Buying or Refinancing – We’ve Got You Covered

Buying an investment property with a No-doc Rental Loan

Our No-Doc Rental Loans are tailor-made for real estate investors, streamlining the financing process so you can focus on what matters most: finding the right property and maximizing your returns.

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Refinancing an investment property with a No-doc Rental Loan

Investors can see big benefits from refinancing into a No-Doc Rental Loan. Free up funds for maintenance, repairs, and other expenses.

Smart real estate investors know the power of leverage, tap into your property’s equity with a cash-out option, for further property improvements or even buy your next investment property.

Experience the ease and convenience of No-Doc Rental Loans, and open doors to new opportunities in the world of real estate investment.

What to expect with a No-Doc Rental Loan

We strive to make the loan process as streamlined and easy as possible for our borrowers. Download our free eBook below to learn:

  • Exactly what no-doc rental property loans can be used for
  • Why your Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) matters
  • How your credit score will affect your down payment
  • What to do if appraised rents come in low


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