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No tax returns or tedious employment paperwork required

We know traditional mortgage loans pose a serious challenge for self-employed and independent professionals because your tax returns don’t reflect your full income and financial capabilities. Our bank statement mortgage loans allow you to purchase or refinance a Texas home without the use of traditional income documentation. Instead, you can qualify based on your bank statements – either business or personal.



Bank Statement Mortgage Loans Texas

  • Enjoy market leading unbeatable 30 year fixed rates. (buydowns available)
  • Interest only option, 40-year fixed term- interest only for 10-year period, converts to fully amortized payment for remaining 30-years.
  • Free 60-day rate lock-2-week extensions for bank statement home loans in Texas.
  • Refinance mortgage Texas – cash-out up to 85% of property value.
  • Best refinance rates in Texas start in the low 4% range. Homelife Mortgage is the best bank statement loan refinance lender in Texas.
  • Bank Statement Home Loans in Texas qualify with 12- or 24-months business or personal bank statements.
  • Bank Statement mortgage loans Texas loan amounts from $250,000 to $5 million
  • Occupancy – primary, second home, and investment property.
  • No (MI) mortgage insurance is required for our self-employed mortgage bank statement loans
  • Self-employed mortgage – property types. Single family, condo, townhomes, 2-4 units

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