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Simple qualifying, less hassle, better long-term advantages

No-doc DSCR rental loans are a good option for real estate investors because they don’t base your qualifications on tax returns, pay stubs, W-2’s or any other documentation. Instead, the focus is on the property’s cash flow and its market rent (as determined by an appraiser’s market rent survey) – meaning the difference between the property’s income and its expenses.

Here’s how DSCR works: the debt service coverage ratio is the ratio of income derived from a property (i.e., rental income) to debt servicing, which includes your principal and interest payments, property taxes, and insurance (also known as PITI). HOA dues are also included when appropriate.

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The equation for DSCR is Rents/ PITI + HOA Dues = DSCR

Here's an example:

Say your rental income is $5,000 per month, and your new payment, taxes, insurance, and HOA dues total up to $4,000. In this case, your DSCR would look like this:

$5,000 (rents) / $4,000 (PITI) = 1.25 DSCR

In this scenario, you’d have a DSCR well above 1.1, thereby qualifying you for your no-doc rental loan.



No DSCR Rental Loans

If your DSCR is low, meaning your rents won’t cover your payments, don’t fret. With the current hot real estate market, many times, rents have not yet caught up to property values. If this is the case in your scenario, your DSCR may be lower than 1.1.


Fortunately, you can still qualify for a no-doc rental loan without a DSCR or your rental income. To do so, you will need a minimum credit score of 700 and 25% down payment. You will also be limited to 75% loan-to-value ratio on refinance loans.

  • No tax returns, no leases required
  • No rental income, no income verification
  • No DSCR (debt service coverage ratio)
  • No reserves
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Why use a DSCR rental property loan

There's less hassle

No documentation is required. That means no tax documents, no pay stub, and no W-2’s. instead, these loans qualify you based on your property (and its potential cash flow).

You get a low, fixed interest rate

This is ideal if you plan on holding your investment property for the long haul, as it insures healthy cash flow.

They come with flexible terms.

Choose from fixed rate, adjustable rate, and interest-only loans.

Buy or refinance up to 80% of property value

You can tap your home equity

You can use no-doc rental loans to do a cash-out refinance, too. Put the funds toward repairs, renovations, or a down payment on a new investment. 

Quick closing times

Investors can get preapproved in just 24 hours, plus close in 3-4 weeks

Increase your buying power and get access to the capital you need.

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Investors can see big benefits from refinancing into
a DSCR No-doc rental loan.

Smart real estate investors know the power of leverage, tap into your property’s equity with a cash-out option, use the funds for property improvements or buy your next investment property.

  1. 30-year fixed interest rates starting in the low 7's
  2. Cash-out up to 75% of property value
  3. Loan amounts from $250,000 to $5 million
  4. Refinance rental property fast, close within 2-3 weeks


The No-doc investment property loan is different than any other real estate investor loan program out there. It requires no income estimation or documentation at all No Ratio/Stated income. There is no rental income cash flow calculation needed. This can be a huge benefit to investors, who often have difficulty qualifying for traditional loans.


  • 30-year fixed interest rates starting in the mid 7’s
  • Loan amounts from $250,000 to $5 Million
  • Buy or refinance up to 80% of property value
  • Property types: Single family, condo, townhome, and 2-4 units
  • Interest only option, 40-year fixed term, 10-year interest only period converts to principal and interest payment
  • Investment property can be purchased or refinanced under an LLC, corporation, or your individual name
  • Lightning fast close in 2-3 weeks

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Do you qualify for a No-Doc Rental Loan?

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  • What to do if appraised rents come in low

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