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Investors can use DSCR rental loans both when purchasing a new property or refinancing an existing one.

Are you a real estate investor looking for a smart and hassle-free way to finance your rental property acquisitions or refinances? Look no further than DSCR rental loans offered by HomeLife Mortgage. These loans are tailored to meet the unique needs of real estate investors, focusing on property cash flow rather than the traditional income and tax documentation requirements. Let’s dive into the world of DSCR rental loans and discover how they can help you achieve your investment goals.


Unlock Your Real Estate Investment Potential With DSCR Loan

Understanding DSCR Rental Loans

DSCR, or Debt Service Coverage Ratio, is the key metric in this type of financing. It’s the ratio of income derived from a property (i.e. rental income) to debt servicing, which includes principal and interest payments, property taxes, insurance (PITI), and even HOA dues when applicable. To qualify for a DSCR rental loan, you typically need a minimum DSCR level of around 1.1, ensuring that your investment remains financially sound.

The Numbers Game:

Let's break it down with an example.

Say your rental property generates $5,000 per month in income, and your monthly expenses, including PITI and HOA dues, sum up to $4,000.

In this case, your DSCR would look like this: $5,000 (rental income) / $4,000 (PITI) = 1.25 DSCR.

This robust DSCR would easily qualify you for a DSCR rental loan, ensuring your investment success.


Why Choose a DSCR Rental Property Loan?

DSCR rental loans can be used to finance the purchase or refinance of a variety of rental properties, including single family residence, condominium, townhome, and 2-4 units. They can be a useful financing option for real estate investors who are looking to generate income from their investment properties.


Unbeatable 30 year fixed rates – starting in the high 6’s.


Tailor your loan to fit your needs, whether you prefer a fixed rate, adjustable rate, or interest-only loan.


Enjoy the option to buy or refinance up to 80% of your property's value.


Your property can be purchased or refinance under an LLC, corporation, or individual name.


Get preapproved in just 24 hours and close within 3-4 weeks, allowing you to seize investment opportunities swiftly.

Realize your Investment Dreams with DSCR Rental Loans

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How to Secure the Best Rates on Your
DSCR Rental Loan

To ensure you receive the best rates available, focus on the following:

Maintain a credit score
of 700 or higher

Provide a down payment of 20% or more when purchasing a home

Aim for low loan-to-value ratios when refinancing

Generate high DSCRs, demonstrating positive cash flow

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Buying or Refinancing Made Easy with a DSCR Rental Loan

Our DSCR rental loans are tailor-made for real estate investors like you who seek to grow their property portfolio. We simplify the financing process, enabling you to focus on what matters most: finding the right property and maximizing your returns.

With a DSCR rental loan, you'll experience a seamless and expedited loan process, benefit from competitive rates, and enjoy steady monthly payments for the long haul. It's the perfect arrangement for savvy investors looking to buy and hold investment properties.

Unlock the Benefits of Refinancing with a DSCR Rental Loan

Refinancing into a DSCR rental loan offers savvy investors significant advantages. By leveraging your property's equity through a cash-out option, you can free up funds for maintenance, repairs, and other expenses. Use this opportunity to make further property improvements or expand your rental portfolio by acquiring your next investment property. With a DSCR rental loan, you can take your real estate investments to new heights.

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Do you qualify for a DSCR Rental Loan?

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