Benefits of Using a No Doc Rental Loan To Refinance a Rental Property

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Investors can see big benefits from refinancing into a No-income doc rental loan.

Not only can it lower your monthly payment, reduce your long-term interest costs, and free up funds for maintenance, repairs, and other expenses, but if you choose a cash-out option, you can even tap your home equity for a decent-sized lump sum payment. If you’re hoping to renovate a property or even buy your next investment, this can be a huge help.

Unfortunately, traditional refinances can be difficult to come by — at least for rental property investors. They call for lots of documentation, including items most investors just don’t have (W-2s, pay stubs, and 1099s). They also rely heavily on tax returns, which rarely show an investor’s true cash flow or earnings.

Are you looking to refinance your rental property? Not sure you’ll qualify or get favorable terms with a traditional refinance? A no-doc loan may be your best. These streamlined, low-interest loans require no income documentation and are designed just with real estate investors in mind.

Here’s what you need to know about our no-doc rental property refinances:

  1. No documentation is required. That means no tax documents, no pay stubs, and no W-2s. Instead, these loans qualify you based on your property (and its potential cash flow).
  2. Cash-outs are available fast. You can get a cash-out refinance on your rental property just three months into ownership. This is great if mortgage rates have fallen since you initially purchased the property.
  3. Your current appraised value is what matters. These refinances won’t use your original purchase price to gauge your equity stake. Instead, a new appraisal of the home — including any updates and repairs you’ve made — will be used, maximizing the amount you can tap via cash-out.
  4. Rates are low. Despite requiring no documentation, no-doc rental loans have rates as low as 3.875% on 30-year terms. This makes for an affordable, long-term financing solution for buy-and-hold investors.
  5. The title is flexible. Refinance the property using your individual name or an entity, including LLCs, corporations, and more.
  6. You don't need perfect credit. Rate-and-term refinances allow for credit scores as low as 640, while cash-outs and loans with interest-only options require a 680.
  7. There are multiple terms to choose from. Choose the term that fits your goals best. There are standard, 30-year terms, as well as 40-year loans with a 10-year interest-only period.
  8. You don't need a huge amount of equity. Loan-to-value maximums range from 75% to 80%, depending on your goal. With rate-and-term refinances, you need just 20% equity (on your new appraised value) to qualify.

    There are even no-DSCR refinances (no Debt Service Coverage Ratio) for investors in hot housing markets, where rents often lag property values. These loans allow for up to a 75% loan-to-value ratio with a 700-credit score or 70% with at least 680.


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